At Norgrove Building Supplies we are proud to partner with Tobermore, one of the leading concrete paving producers in the UK.

The quality of their products is second to none and many of their block paving products undergo a special manufacturing process to produce products with a hard-wearing surface layer (HWSL). This layer dramatically improves the strength and durability of the products and improves the colour retention. So not only can you rely on the longevity of Tobermore products, including those installed in heavy-duty environments, but you can also be sure that they will continue to look their best for years to come.

Here at Norgrove's we offer two styles of their key products; Shannon block paving and Pedestra block paving.

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The Shannon range offers tight joints and chamfered edges making this product a popular choice for pedestrianised areas. Its smooth surface and range of vibrant long lasting colours allow for full design flexibility. We can offer it in a full range of colours, including: Bracken, Brindle, Charcoal, Heather, Natural and Slate.

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The Pedesta range offers a hard-wearing smooth surface offering a vibrant look. Rectangular in shape Tobermore use iron oxide colour pigments that help maintain Pedesta's vibrancy for longer than many other options the market. We offer a full range of seven colours including: Bracken, Brindle, Charcoal, Golden, Heather, Red and Slate.

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